The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 7-1-13

Stalwart We Stand

Fueled with burning love, Kyle unleashes an inferno of hatred: poetry by David Lane, the 88 precepts, cleansing the filth, settling old scores with renewed vigor, destroying our enemies, and restoring order to our world.

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10 years ago

Kyle, you have a great talent of being able to light a fire. This show has to be shared.

Reply to  troubles
10 years ago

A small spark and within a few minutes you can have a raging inferno 😀
Thanks for the comment, Trubs.

10 years ago

A mighty broadcast indeed! A must listen.

Reply to  Siegfried
10 years ago

Much thanks, my friend.
Sieg heil!

10 years ago

I agree with what troubles, and Siegfried above have said. Very inspiring. Great words by David Lane. In Dana’s last broadcast he brought up the idea of reality being intelligently ordered. It does feel sometimes as if we are all being guided by something higher to play our chosen roles in these important, and momentous times we live in. Perhaps in a way we can think of ourselves as privileged for having the opportunity to fight in such difficult circumstances. The bigger the struggle, the greater the odds we face, the more glorious the victory will be.

Reply to  Gwyth
10 years ago

I am more than glad to do my part. Thanks for the comment. Victory or Valhalla, if the latter comes first for me, I know the former will be right around the corner.

10 years ago

Kyle,great show!What was that song from your show last week at the begining with a dudle sack?It sounded like its from Balkans but it could be irish too!
Please if you could answer me cause i would love to download it!
Greetings from Serbia

Reply to  Serb
10 years ago

Thanks Serb, the song is ‘Daemonia Nymphe – Dance of the Satyrs’:

10 years ago

I liked the poem readings of David Lane. You did well to read them, touched my heart. Overall, the show was a hell raiser.



Reply to  Chris
10 years ago

Yes, David Lane was really an inspirational man. It is a damn shame what the whores did to him, but he will be avenged. Thanks for the comment.

10 years ago

Awesome Show Kyle!You were on fire! I am more inspired than ever before. Long Live The Volk! David Lane was a brilliant man indeed 1488

Reply to  Gary
10 years ago

Much thanks, Gary. I am glad I was able to help light a fire for you.

10 years ago

Wonderful, inspiring show! Listened twice, once as I drifted off to sleep, great words to enter the dream world with. 🙂

Reply to  Bec
10 years ago

Bec, your continued support means a lot. Thanks for listening and commenting.

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