The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 7-5-13

Avenging with Aryan Anger

Kyle does a special fill-in show. Selected readings by David Lane, the need to rescue our women, waging an intelligent war, creating stable foundations for nations, social commentary, and your calls.

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White Homeland
10 years ago

please read:


14/88 hail kyle! we have until 2020 to survive in north america! excellence show today.

10 years ago

Great Show Again Kyle.We need to get serious and be aware of our surroundings and bond together and circle the wagons if we are going to survive.Europe has a much bettet chance of recovering and recapturing it’s old spirit and attitude back.If some of them don’t unlearn what they have learn then they are Anti Fa.Remember People Of Europe and those of European Heritage Worldwide We Did Not Descent From Sissies..

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