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8 years ago

Mike should test his mike later – his signal was broken & the intermissions (gaps) seemed to be correlated with him speaking.

8 years ago

Unlistenable unfortunately 🙁

8 years ago

I am trying to get through the echo.

Seems like it may be SeventhSon. The echo left when he reconnected but as soon as he played a drop it started to flare up again.

Hope TRS can get their live show working flawlessly soon

Still a great show!

Bill Bixby
8 years ago

Who the fuck can listen to this? Does the guy with the faulty mic ever shut the fuck up? Sheesh

Dawn Newly
8 years ago

Bill Bixby, calm the fugg down you obnoxious lil’ mudderfugger! I listened to the whole show and while there were definitely problems the show was not “unlistenable” as scott says above (hint: I “listened” to the whole show) and it most certainly didn’t inspire me to have an expletive-filled playground tanty like Wee Willy just did above. Stop being juvenile cocks and get a grip!

8 years ago

Who are those two fucktards? I personally do not care for Opie&Anthony style talkshows and hate people, who like them. Those type of radio is aimed at lowest common denominator and i guess i am not one of them.

8 years ago

Keep doing Renegade Wildcards when you guys are able. You’ll get the technical crap figured out sooner or later.

8 years ago

Jan, why are you here then and commenting? If you don’t like “those type of radio” then simply don’t listen! Sheesh! Is that so hard? Who’s the fucktard now Einstein?

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