The Electric Universe 6-1-14

The Electric Universe theory holds that electricity’s role in the Universe has been ignored, obscured, and deliberately hidden by the the scientific establishment. This theory better explains the many mysteries of the Universe, shining new light on important stellar and planetary issues. It’s not a big shock that its predictions have been proven correct time and again.

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10 years ago

Great to hear a show about The Electric Universe on Renegade, even if it is a bit off topic. It’s easily one of the most fascinating subjects outside of the struggle for our people’s existence. Interesting that there’s also quite a few parallels in that both issues are mocked and/or ignored by the mainstream establishment, even though their validity is unquestionable if looked into by anyone with a modicum of sense. Then again, that seems to be the case for just about every truth these days.

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

A few weeks ago a guest on Renagade mentioned the Electric Universe and I was so interested in that idea that I did some research myself. On YouTube I found dozens of videos explaining the whole thing. Very, very intersting.

I read all the work of Stephen Hawking because I want to understand the universe. How did universe get started? How will it all end? So much to learn…

This Electric Universe is quite different and new. But I think they might be onto something.

Can’t wait until I can download the show. 🙂

Reply to  Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

Check out the Stephen Hawkins Project. Hawkins is a vegetable. His 1980’s computer voice is programmed by others like a teleprompter.

Fascist lemming
10 years ago

The electric universe isn’t off topic, it’s the topic. Once the (white) world wakes up to this reality, no amount of banking or Hollywood will stop us from getting our free energy. The Jews will have to kiss their dominance goodbye forever.

Reply to  Fascist lemming
10 years ago

The energy is never free. But, with the sort of DC impulse based systems, that Tesla patented and wrote about, once can get more out than one puts in. It’s as simple as this (I hope I’m not explaining something from the show, I haven’t had time to listen to it yet): If one finds a source of energy (it comes in many forms), one can put a little bit of energy into creating a mechanism for tapping that energy. Like hydropower for instance. It requires X amount of energy to create a dam. That X is finite, and will be hardly effected by occasional maintenance, such as putting new ball bearings into generators. The flow of the water creates energy that approaches infinity for… Read more »

10 years ago

The theory I have heard is some of the things talked about on here have already been proven to be true back in the late 80’s early 90’s & the sci. community & rich media controllers keep it quiet, WHY?. Well , the Rich controllers need to get more funding to send to their foreign interests & White genocide agenda so they put their own people in High research grant positions so they can funnel money out of the country and explain it to the public as research costs. Unfortunately, the theoretical deception of the pubic has cost Whites time in understanding new discoveries sooner thus, keeping Whites ignorant longer. Just think we already have, maybe, discovered/ innovated anti-gravity machines, think of ALL the things… Read more »

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

I listened to the show 3 times.
I love this kind of stuff! My brain wants more. Brain hungry! 🙂

Thanks Kyle!

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