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8 years ago

I wonder who was knocking at the door there at the end? What a suspenseful way to end the show Set. Stay tuned for next Monday to see who was knocking on Sets Hotel door!

Jonny M
8 years ago

Donald Trump can turn out to be dangerous for us. His family is seriously compromised by Jews, especially his daughter. He has close ties to Jews that run TV as well as various NY bankers. A lot of patriots are falling for this fraudster and that’s why these manipulating Jewish schemers have put him up to this. What better way to destroy the opposition than to be the opposition, or at least appear to be. This is something they can’t do with Hillary. Trusted, he will appear to be on the side of patriots that are against gun control and illegal immigration while at the same time setting the stage for their destruction.

8 years ago

If anyone is interested in reading any of the articles that I wrote for the Renegade Tribune go under “hodge podge” 2013 and 2014 and look for the author “Reinhard”. I warn you…..they are VERY controversial.

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