The European Mind: Triggering Anti-Whites (12-14-15)


Now that liberals, anti-whites, antifa and all other forms of decay are realizing they are the bad guys and pro-whites are the new authority of common sense and normality, it is so much fun to just talk to these individuals who can’t wrap their simplton minds around why traditional values is so great, that their brains start to misfire and they begin getting triggered at the most basic concepts like healthy borders & white student councils.

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8 years ago

It was such a giant leap forward for me when I got over the left/right/lib/con mind cage, to say nothing of the “-tard” appendage to these jewey mind traps. You started the show noting something about the “classic divide & conquer” going on wrt France/LePen… suggesting you’re hip to this trap. BUT, from your written show description through your spoken message, both played into the “classic divide & conquer” trap. Like exclusive high school “culture cliques”, where there always seem to be some of the more insecure clique “members” cracking the whip, “guarding the clique’s borders”, by disparaging those not good enough to be in (their/your) clique. “Libs/Cons are SO ‘TARDED!” = NOT “How To Win Friends And Influence People.” Anyways you get my gist,… Read more »

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