The Great White North w/ Andy 2-10-14

Tonight we will be discussing jewish propaganda through the television and the big screen. We will look at the big name shows, and how they serve to promote the multicultural/jewish agenda to the gentile world. Callers welcome and appreciated throughout the broadcasting.

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10 years ago

This show is reason to cancel the cable! JewishFaces.Com

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

I gave up on TV many years ago, and we never even had cable only the 2 channels provided by the gouverment. Sadly European televesion is completely in the hands of the left-liberal freaks. So I turned my back on it and never looked back.

I do play videogames (I’m not frigging perfect). It helps to get rid of some ultra-violent feelings I have. 🙂
But even there you will find some PC. Not as bad as on the television or in movies, but it’s there (maybe you guys could do a show about gaming, it’s huge among males).

10 years ago

Hey Andrew great show! You might have mentioned but I don’t think I heard “Married with Children,” another wholesome family program(ming). Kind’ve like an updated 80’s version of Archie Bunker…the bumbling blue collar white working class idiot, his obnoxious jewish wife and spoiled run amok children.

10 years ago

Thanks Damon. Cable is such a waste of money. Wasting our time with jewish tripe and paying through the nose for it is just dumb. Alex. Good move ditching the tv. I also used to play lots of videogames. I think you are right. A show on gaming is in order. I have to say though, you don’t really get those ‘ultra-violent’ feelings out playing videogames. Rather than releasing aggression like say on a punching bag or sparring partner, I really do believe that playing violent videogames only suppresses and channels the violent thoughts, and in a way might make them more dangerous in the long run. Ah yes Dana. Married with Children. What a piece of filth that program was. The Archie Bunker template… Read more »

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