The Realist Report: Angelo Gage (1-29-16)


On this edition of The Realist Report broadcast live on Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by Angelo John Gage. Angelo and I will be discussing a number of topics, including the degenerate and hyper-sexualized nature of modern American culture, masculinity, male/female relations, White genocide, Donald Trump and much more.

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Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

“Who is John Gage?” 1. Questionable fund raising activities suggest unethical behavior, as thousands of dollars go missing. 2. Questionable microexpressions; moments of deceptive glee and glimmers of madness in his eyes suggest deception and ulterior motives. 3. Self-described as “expert” in neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotism, yet continuously makes comments/statements and chooses words which are in direct conflict with the message being portrayed, thereby intentionally clouding the minds of viewers leading to confusion and doubt. This ultimately leads to paralysis and apathy within target audience. 4. Attacked Dr. William Pierce in a recent video, thereby attempting to undermine a great man who gave his life for the European cause. This undermining of Dr. Pierce suggests ulterior motives, such as a secret anti-White agenda as yet… Read more »

Reply to  Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

John Gage is just a man with an opinion to me….short and sweet. Take in what resonates and leave the rest.

Jack Boot
Reply to  Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

Here’s my view. I think his involvement and departure from the now defunct NYF were questionable. One second they are robustly lobbying for donations, member fees and raising $4k for a printer. They are talking the talk and making big noises about their future as an org. All of a sudden a little letter from a small and unrelated org not only gets them to change their name, but to take down their entire site and depart with Gage as chairman. All of a sudden the NYF was no more. All because of one little letter? They could have challenged the name change, they could have altered their name and kept going. They did neither. It was akin to a moonlight flit. People keep hearing… Read more »

8 years ago

Angelo John Gage is genuine. He has passion and fire. I’ve only been aware of him since November and so I know very little of the NYF. In listening to 12 hours of Angelo Gage since November 15, I’ve never heard him once ask for money. I have heard him many times state that he is not the smartest nor the best and does not want to be a leader and that other better people should lead the movement. To me he embodies the type of guy we want in your movement. He has studied all the occult, history, politics info about the conspiracy and the jews. He has been to war and so is not a pussy but also realises that violence is no… Read more »

Reply to  OutcastMisanthrope
8 years ago

Whilst I take no sides in this argument about Gage, (because I don’t know him) I don’t see how you can say here Outcast, that he’s genuine if you’ve only listened to 12 hours since Nov 15. I also don’t see why you would judge him OK, based partly on the fact that he’s never asked for money.

For the first time since 2003, I asked for donations just a few days ago. I guess that makes me non-genuine. Oh and I almost forgot, a satanist because I listen to AC/DC.

What the fuck is wrong with you? You pretend not to judge people whilst judging them. ??????????

I think critical thinking needs a little more beef than that mate.


8 years ago

@Lawrence Forthright
Can you give me the link of the where he attacked Dr. Pierce.

8 years ago

Who is John Gage?

Make up your own mind.

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