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8 years ago

The current featured video nails it. Listen up.

The problem is not OBVIOUS leftism. K and S nailed it.

This is a big problem.

Limited Hangout. That is the ‘republican’ party.

You guys all know it.



I guess it might make sense to pressure those supposedly ‘friendly’ organizations and not the ‘unfriendly’ ones right?

Or maybe ‘the news’ might tell a “story” about a “terrorist” that did that something that might be effective….

Maybe they are writing such a script right now. Maybe (certainly) they have a budget to pay for that exact scenario…

Maybe that is what you will be seeing on your TV in a couple months?

Maybe…Nah….That be crazy talk and stuff…and blah..and stuff too…

What’s on the TV honey?

8 years ago

Dave, I don’t think very many people here are “able” to mentally process the idea that the “TV WORLD” isn’t “real”. To them: it’s real. To them: TV NEWS is their magic crystal ball/window into real events. To them: Nothing is scripted. Not only do they live their lives according to what actors and actesses say and do – they actually lack the “ability” to understand that some people lie. You see evidence of this everywhere. Even people who should know better and who (for example) question the holyhoax…and referring to the “church shooting” as though it wasn’t a made-for-tv-movie storyline intended to get the Confederate Flag removed…along with a whole host of other agendas. The actually “believe” this shit. Funny – especially among people… Read more »

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