The Return of Tyr: GOP Bull-Prepping (8-7-15)


Tonight I will talk about the cuckservatives and the “Trump Paradox.” Also I might do a little bit hating on the “rednecks”, but if you’re a southerner, don’t take it too seriously, because I’m probably not talking about you. Calls are encouraged!

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Brion K Baker
8 years ago

Thank you so much for this show about all these fake ass niggardly redneck douche bags. This has been a subject in our house for several years now. We too have been trying to find an adequate term for these jack wads. I have just resorted to calling them “Brokeback cowboy wanna be retards”. I have listened to this particular show twice and will listen to it again with my son this coming weekend. We live in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas and are surrounded by these pathetic twits who are either listening to that so called cunt tree shit or they are thumping that goddamn Negroid wrap crap. Awesome job Drew!!!

8 years ago

The United States of America has its own deep state. First of all, one should note that for the deep state to be effective, it must be intimately associated with the development or pre-existence of a national security state. There must also be a perception that the nation is in peril, justifying extraordinary measures undertaken by brave patriots to preserve life and property of the citizenry. Those measures are generically conservative in nature, intended to protect the status quo with the implication that change is dangerous. Those requirements certainly prevail in post 9/11 America, and also feed the other essential component of the deep state: that the intervening should work secretly or at least under the radar. Consider for a moment how Washington operates. There… Read more »

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