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8 years ago

Enjoyed the show immensely Drew. Thanks for filling in for me dude.

Outcast Misanthrope
8 years ago

Great “all encompasing” show! You really covered A to Z. Hope to hear you again.

Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

My first listen to you Drew. Good insights.

8 years ago

Your view on how crappy America became really resonated with me. I’m 55 years old, I lived through this de-evolution. The loss of freedom really became apparent in the late 1980’s. Then came the Clinton’s like a wrecking-ball. I too cannot even remotely recognize the country anymore. When I was a kid in the 1960’s, whenever anyone even thought of impinging on our activity, we’d immediately shoot back with “It’s a free country!” If I tried it today, I’d probably be laughed at.

8 years ago

I missed this one somehow, just noticed it the other day. I listened to half of it last night, commenting now as I begin the second hour. Just shouting you out Drew and saying thanks for the commentary and for filling in. Lucid presentation of ideas thus far. Good to hear from you.

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