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10 years ago

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10 years ago

drew, apparently israel only paid for uss liberty after usa aid to isral was increased and released, so in effect the american tax payer paid for that compensation

10 years ago

israel didnt pay for uss liberty attack, usa taxpayer did

10 years ago


Is there any chance that after you play the songs in the intro, you could tell us what the song is, and who is playing it? I’ve really liked some of the past songs I’ve heard on this site, but can’t find the names of the songs anywhere. Thanks!

BTW, if anyone has the name of the song from Kyle’s last Blitzkrieg Broadcast I’d appreciate it.

10 years ago

Interesting discussion about propaganda. The Mantra, which is derided among many pro-White “intellectuals” who feel that it is beneath them, is propaganda. A movie or a book is just a target for the anti-Whites to focus on and attack. The Mantra, and “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” are the types of baseline tactics of practical politics that anyone can use every single day to spread a pro-White message, but for some reason the “intellectuals” are just TOO SMART to try it. Intellectuals don’t even consider that half of everyone is below average intelligence. You can’t expect the masses to use their brains. They must be hit with a consistent message. Repeatedly. Constantly. That’s why “Have it your way.” and “Hit me baby one… Read more »

10 years ago

An arrangement was agreed to by Israel only after U.S. aid to Israel was increased from $13 million in Fiscal Year 1967 to a whopping $76.8 million in Fiscal Year 1968. That aid increase took care of negotiations for the crew, dead and wounded. These payments were made with U.S. Government checks in late Spring, 1968. Israel then refused to pay for the LIBERTY damage. The United States government then increased the aid to Israel to $121.7 million for FY 1969. The new negotiations began and Israel agreed to pay $7.6 million damages for the $40 million ship…which was sold for less than $200,000.00 as scrap. But Israel DID NOT PAY as promised when U.S. aid was cut to $71 million for FY 1970, even… Read more »

10 years ago This asshole can rule our government and we can’t? HMMM

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