The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 6-3-14

Tonight’s guest will be Lee Rogers co-founder of Oracle Broadcasting, and Editor In Chief of

On the show we discuss: The foundation of Oracle Broadcasting, transhumanism, nature, immigration, Golden Dawn, Alex Jones, the alternative media, nationalism, and much more.

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9 years ago

Great show Drew. I really enjoyed it. Also thanks to Kyle for streaming the Jackals Den after. 14/88

9 years ago

Lee has been doing some FANTASTIC work over at Daily Slave. Look forward to listening to this.

Fascist lemming
9 years ago

Wow, just wow. Drew, Kyle, you both can imagine how much this show means to me. Lee Rogers on Renegade! Other than the EU compilation, this is the first time time I’ve listened to Renegade since the Great Mutiny. I feel like autumn 2012 right now. It’s an amazing feeling. I also didn’t know about daily slave. I imagine it puts the violence obsessed, death celebrating daily stormer to shame. I’m about an hour in right now. Loving every second. I hope Lee continues to guest in the future. Thanks guys.

9 years ago

Drew, this was an incredible episode! It’s one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard!

9 years ago

I agree with my brother Michael. This was a SUPERB show!!!

Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

Excelent interview. Drew really is becoming a powerfull addition to Renegade.

To my shame I have to say that I never listened to Oracle or even knew it existed (until someone here on Renegade mentioned it). Lee Rogers sounded like a very smart dude. The 3 hours flew by in a single heartbeat. I hope he will come on again.

I do disagree with the anti transhumanism thing. I can’t wait to become a cyborg and live for about 10.000 years. No wait…. I want to live longer that. Life is way to short as far as I’m concerned.

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