The Solar Storm: Angelo & John – Fixing Our Diet (11-8-15)


Kyle speaks with Angelo Gage and John Rose about how the modern diet is destroying people and how simple it is to fix these problems by eliminating processed foods and animal products. John discusses the juice feast and explains how it works. Angelo shares his own experiences with juicing and cutting out meat. They also consider how this is a crucial step in becoming stronger and taking our power back from this slave system.

John’s video:

Angelo’s video:

Angelo’s recommended juicer:

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8 years ago

As Plato stated in the Republic: The best way to keep a population down is to make them vegetarians – The brain is approximately 76% Cholesterol.. and if the population gets zero animal fat.. they can be “led” anywhere. There are so many researchers who have proved the above: Jan Irvin (over 6 podcasts lasting over 90 minutes), David Asprey, Sally Fallon, Dr. Tim O’brien, ! Military Intelligence has been a large proponent of the Vegan way for years! why? Because people can’t think critically! Fasting is great, juicing is awesome, but when it’s time to think critically.. a Vegan lacks the tools: “animal fats”! This isn’t rocket science. Are You going to eat what the CIA wants You to: Veggies or – What… Read more »

8 years ago

You sound a bit paranoid Drew Carter! I remember that fine example of a human form Alex Jones pushing this same conspiratard barrow years ago. I’ve studied nutrition for years and can soundly tell you that you’re talking complete garbage! What are your own personal credentials? Or is all your info from “other people on the internet”. Sounds a bit like all those unqualified TV-watchers who are all experts at history & politics from watching “other people on the TV” to me. A sheep who eats grass in the alternative paddock is still a sheep!!! I’ll say this much – some of the most critically thinking people I know are vegans – vegans who’ve researched & studied nutrition also and KNOW what they’re doing from… Read more »

8 years ago

Oh I should add for clarification. There are definitely 2 distinct types of vegetarian diets – one is rich in all the nutrients you need for great health & vitality but the other is lacking & very poor. One you have to research for yourself but the other is handed to you by someone else. Like everything in life – the rewards come to those who are willing to work for them through personal struggle. The real issue here, as in most things, is whether you’re willing to do work for everything for yourself and learn by personal experience or simply fall into the trap of accepting what other people tell you and hand to you (or worse, what you just dreamed up in your… Read more »

8 years ago

‘O’ blood group do seem to have a very hard time on a vegan diet – ‘AB’ blood group typically not so much. So I would suggest don’t try bashing a square peg into a round hole. That said most people suffer from excess protein rather than too little, and vinegar dressings and sipping apple cider vinegar and honey during high protein meals can help to keep the stomach acid high quality. Personally I found the food combination diet useful, where proteins and carbohydrates are not mixed together, instead meals based on one or the other are spaced some hours apart. The reasoning being that the stomach produces either acid or alkaline digestive juices and forcing it to deal with both simultaneously means producing a… Read more »

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