The Solar Storm: Helter Skelter 2.0 (8-30-15)


Kyle discusses recent events and ties everything together to form a bigger picture. Topics include: Charles Manson and Helter Skelter, the Virginia reporter shooting, false flag events, gun grabbers, Donald Trump, David Duke and Tommy Sotomayor, and much more.

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Ovadia Yosef
8 years ago

Great show as always Kyle!

4 years ago

TJ Sotomayor is an anti-White psy-op asset. He took a vacation to see his “friend” Rosy O’Donnell. He outs Black women and then goes on to advise his Black brothers to go find a good White woman while staring out at his White male audience (who slobber over him and what a great guy he is) with a shrug that says 1) “What else a Black man gonna do?” and 2) “What you gonna do about it White boy?”

As for the woman reporter who was shot on-air: Did you notice she was wearing “Nazi” colors and was the quintessential beautiful blonde?

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