The Solar Storm: Jayme Louis Liardi (11-15-15)


Kyle talks to Jayme Louis Liardi about his new book Revelation: A Return to Virtue. Topics include: the indoctrination system that imprisons our bodies and minds, the plastic consumer culture all around us, awakening the true spirit, finding ways to live a virtuous life, recognizing racial realities, seeing the signs of synchronicity, and organizing our opposition to this system of enslavement.


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8 years ago

Will listen with interest. Kyle, I noticed quite a few changes when just loading up the main page. Most noticeably to the lineup of hosts. May I just suggest a small addition to your website that would be really helpful – an additional “Site News/Update” link in the top lefthand corner of the main page where you could just post news of any changes, etc that are made as soon as they happen. You could also add brief reasons or clarifications if necessary so we know what’s going on. I’m sure many people who don’t keep up with things in the chatroom (like myself) would find this extremely helpful especially when shows that we liked suddenly disappear from sight with no explanation! Hope you can… Read more »

8 years ago

It would be extremely helpful to have a mp3 download link so I could listen to this on my iPod while not at the computer.

And for every other show on the Renegade site… ?

8 years ago

Thanks for the info Kyle. That’s a pity – I enjoyed Dion’s shows as well as everyone else’s. He has a unique style & his broadcasting inexperience was obvious but it grew on me with each show he did and he certainly had potential. I hope he can see his way to joining forces with you again some time soon. That subject certainly is divisive and I realise you’ve only just touched on it as a question but I personally file it under “To Be Discussed Later” while dealing with the more urgent matters currently on our plate; the timing more than anything else just seems a little off to me.

8 years ago

Too bad that some people do not know how to handle discussions involving things that may include issues that they are not fully versed in. Dion the host came across as a mouth-breather. I think that having Dion as a host is/was divisive. Why? Because he did not inspire confidence – nor did he seem very well educated. Far too many people have absolutely no idea of how human perception can be tricked. They think they know – and they also think they can’t be tricked into thinking or believing things that have be pre-arranged for them by clever manipulators. Kyle’s open-minded treatment of a “divisive” subject was performed properly. Kyle understands Physics quite well and knows also knows that widely accepted models of our… Read more »

8 years ago

What happened to Dion

8 years ago

Wow Pat,

You’re snarkier than a lesbian, sjw catlady, aren’t you? Dion’s toe nail is more educated than you. ”Ever heard of Nikola Tesla?” LOL- no, Pat, only yor brilliant mind is able to procces that kind of basic bitch conspiracy stuff.

Was Tesla a flatearther too?

Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

I see Mike disappeared. Will he be reappearing or will someone else fill that slot? Will Sinead and Mike (?) be permanent additions? I look forwards to Sinead’s commentary, as females are an important addition to the Alt. Right, as witnessed by Lana of Red Ice.

8 years ago

“Wow Pat, You’re snarkier than a lesbian, sjw catlady, aren’t you?” Haha! That he is! I was simply being diplomatic about Dion’s departure. I just briefly checked the date of a couple of videos that are stored in a huge “educational” archive on another computer I have. They are – (2003) Power Engineering Scalar Field Theory – Faraday vs Maxwell & Demo of Longitudinal Wave Transmission (Konstantin Meyl) (2004) Neutrinopower & The Existence of Scalar Waves (Konstantin Meyl) That’s just 2 very quick examples and there are screeds & screeds more where they came from along with hard-drives full of books & notes that I’ve studied over the years. And that’s not to mention all the schooling (mainstream AND non-mainstream) I’ve done, extracurricular training, seminars… Read more »

8 years ago

BTW Kyle, this was a very good show! I’ll be passing this onto some younger people I know. Jayme has the potential to be very inspirational to his peer group.

8 years ago

I was hoping for a bit more discussion on the subject of synchronicity Coincidence is not necessarily synchronicity. Coincidence is not unusual, but once two or more coincidences occur, by definition it is not simple coincidence any longer and must be something else. For much of my life I’ve personally been aware of the play of several significant synchronicity’s, recognizing them only amounts to a certain distinct ‘vibe’ but since they have often seemed to be unusual if not somewhat sinister, and without having anyone to talk with about them, to help understand them, it took me a while to accept them, or act on them. The latest and final one involved a train ride, several others have clustered around train rides, but on this… Read more »

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