The Solar Storm: Jeff Wilkerson – Sion’s Army (2-21-16)


Kyle speaks to Jeff Wilkerson about his book Sion’s Army: The Freemasons. Topics include: the different sects of jews, the bloodline of Jesus, the Merovingians, the Priori de Sion, the Templars, the Rosicrucians, the Protestant Reformation, the Illuminati, the American & French Revolutions, the National Socialist reaction to judeo-Masonry, Donald Trump, and more.

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Jake Island North
8 years ago

Gnostics were ” knowers “., possessors of an inner wisdom and inheritors of the Mystery schools . Gnostics were Shamans , Seers , Interdimensional travellers and so on . They had paranormal abilities and were able to Remote View ., gathering crucial knowledge ( knowingness ) pertaining to life and humanity . The Gnostics achieved ecstacy thru the ceremonial usage of the Sacredness of psycho-active plants ( enhancing the electric chemistry of the brain ) . Fear of Nature permits the elite not to hoarde or use these psycho-actives , thus the destruction of this planet . Gnosticism does not worship any Diety in general nor do they worship Sophia ( Mother Earth ) but in turn , INTERACTS with her . Gnosticism is an… Read more »

8 years ago

Great show, I’ve never learned so much in 3 hours in all my life.

8 years ago

Great show. I would like to say that it is not at all strange that a 32 dgr Mason would never have heard of Albert Pike because 33rd is actually the first REAL degree. The rest are the lower sheeple dis-info members , nothing more than a Rotary club .

8 years ago

Here’s that picture of Cromwell dissolving British parliament. Symbolism shows battle of secret societies with Cromwell with the Lion of Judah. –

8 years ago

No idea why last link went awry. Search images ‘oliver cromwell dissolves british rump parliament’, it’s the first image.

8 years ago

This show is a nightmare of disinformation! The host admits He knows nothing of the kabbalah! He knew none of the Egyptian pantheon names, like Osiris etc. He touted the Nag Hammadi scripts! Thy are a complete fraud. They are written in the Cursive Hebrew Block Script, which wasn’t created till 800 AD. I had to turn it off! The guests only qualification is that He read “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” Talking about Masons without being knowledgeable about the Kabbalah! is like dissecting Communists without knowing who Karl Marx was!

Reply to  Drew Carter
8 years ago

The above should read: The Guest admits…..

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