The Solar Storm: John Lash (4-12-15)

john lamb lash charles frith

Kyle speaks with the illustrious John Lamb Lash. John is a comparative mythologist, author of Not In His Image, revealer of the Sophianic mysteries, Gnostic warrior, founder of the Kalika War Party, and much more. Much of his work can be found on and Topics of this show include: John’s extensive work with Gnostic materials, the nature of Sophia, the Archontic infection, White genocide, jewish influence, and John’s latest revelations regarding the “Correction” taking place in the world.

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9 years ago

Lash fascinates…thanks very much for the Dead Can Dance Black Sun Kyle…again, your art is my treasure…

9 years ago

I’m a great admirer of John Lash. Very inspiring interview!

John M
9 years ago

Great host meets great guest – thanks to you both.

9 years ago

Fantastic work, Kyle.

9 years ago

John Lash has great knowledge and is very wise. I have been listening to him for years and have a few of his books. Great job and many thanks Kyle for having him as a guest. Look forward to future interviews!

9 years ago

I meet Jll in Madras India end of 1965 and have continued to meet with & listen to all his info. Have three of his books. I do thank you kyle. You do a very fine job. Do keep it coming. H.H.

Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

This interview blew my mind away. I’m checking out the work of John Lash right now on metahistory. I got some serious reading to do… 🙂

9 years ago

I enjoyed the interview. Mostly once it got away from religion in the last minutes . . . Serious question: I worked with a gnostic for several years, who was an antitrust lawyer for Standard Oil, the Chair of my State’s States Rights Commission (he sold us out BTW) and a lot of what he said made sense; BUTT, similar to other religions, he never seemed to actually have evidence for his BELIEFS. Where’s the beef? Just sayin’ . . . Celtic shamanism seems to cover the basics without all the ET/Archon, good vs evil, goofiness. G just seems like another good vs evil paradigm to me. More bullshit. The dude seems nice enough, but evil does not exist in my world view. There’s good… Read more »

9 years ago

Brilliant guest and interview. It’s great to discover someone new and inspiring. Thanks Kyle! Brilliant..BRILLIANT!

9 years ago

Excellent Kyle. Thank you so very much for having John Lash as your guest on Renegade Broadcasting. I’ve listen to many of his talks and interviews over the last several years “intently” and this interview with both you and John resonated with me, probably more than any other interview i’ve ever heard in a long time. I am most definitely anticipating to tune in to another interview with both you and John sometime in the near future. Salutations !

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