The Solar Storm: Rollie Quaid – How the Israeli Octopus ComPROMISed the World (6-17-18)

Kyle talks to Rollie Quaid about: how PROMIS software came to dominate the world intelligence grid, the INSLAW affair, the murder of Danny Casolaro as he tried to expose the octopus, how Robert Maxwell sold the software to many places so the Mossad could have a backdoor and how Maxwell was murdered, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex slave ring to blackmail power players around the world, Sam Israel’s shenanigans, and Rollie’s fundraiser.

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6 years ago

The Jews own the big computer companies.

I seen a video saying Russia is taking computers out of their sub because they know Israel could crash them. I hear they could even tap into a computer an alter your prescriptions to kill you or mix sewage into the water supply system.

Rollie Quaid
6 years ago

This was a Monster of an issue, a octopus head monster to be exact! I hope you enjoyed the show this is the first time I talked about PROMIS in a conversion and I hope to continue to

Reply to  Rollie Quaid
6 years ago

Interesting I just never heard it being coined as Promis

Holy Rollie
Reply to  Brandon Lashbrook
6 years ago

U never PROMIS coined as PROMIS? Do reiterate pls

Rollie analytical
6 years ago

I wish I got more feed that this! What did you guys think?

Rollie Quaid
Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

Yes, Thank you for having. Maybe in a few months we can talk about a Sam Israel, he is a treasure cove of intel. He talks about his Jewish family from New Orleans being involved with the JFK assaisntation to reporters, the dark money, secret world government, using the PROMIS software (I don’t think its the same 1970’s verison) at his rented home which Trump owns, his connecting to the Bush family and being friends with Dubya cousin John Prescott Ellis who called tipped election tally vote in the 2000 election. Nicholos and Israel had a meeting with Ellis saying they can end the war on terrorism by stealing legend called Yamashita’s Gold and using it to pay the 12 generals that control Pakistan to… Read more »

6 years ago

Just finished listening to the podcast. A fascinating and well researched presentation. Lots of interesting information and well worth listening to twice! The Saudi Arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi was brought up during the show. As we know these people tend to belong to a certain tribe. On investigating a little further, it turns out his father was born in Turkey. A possible Crypto/Donmeh connection? Well done guys!

Rollie Quaid
Reply to  Hereward
6 years ago

yes, I have that Adnan is not a member of the Royal Saudi family in unpublished articles. But he was born and mecca the capital city of Islam. his was “Turkish” and mecidal doctor when Saudis where just inheriting a massive wealth from Petrol chemicals. I don’t know if he is a tribe member, but I will say go with your gut when talking about public figures.
Thank you for tuning in and consider me on PayPal or my GoFundMe page so I can contiue to write and have sources to buy.

Honestly, $5 helps me alot.

6 years ago

Great work Rollie!

5 years ago

I lost my original octopus, but found another one in George Soros, and his “Open Society” engulfing the world.

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