The Solar Storm: Seana Fenner (11-1-15)

wotan painting

Kyle speaks to Seana Fenner of Odinia International. They discuss the importance of our ancestors, communion with the dead, connecting with the gods, the possibility of reincarnation, the role of Ragnarok, Seana’s recent articles at, and much more.

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8 years ago

This was a quality show. Seanna was in really good form tonight. Unlike Ms. Fenner I do not believe in the Gods as literal deities existing in their own right, but regard them rather as psychological phenomena. In other words, I take a Jungian perspective. As far as I am concerned if they are real, literal beings then they ought to exist in this realm whether our race presently does or not, and to me this is obviously not the case. This is not to say, however, that there is not a meta-spiritual, supernatural undercurrent animating the whole of the universe and existence and that this numinous undercurrent does not manifest itself in the spiritual-life mind of peoples via their collective mythologies as well as… Read more »

8 years ago

Looking forward to listening to this new podcast with Seanna. Hope the sound is better this time 🙂

James Bronson
8 years ago

Absolutely a great interview and discussion. I remember the syncomystic show in 2009. Very glad to have turned down to South American green brew myself – so good to hear Kyle made the same choice. Seanna has been a positive influence in keeping things ‘real’ in heathenism.

Also good to hear someone else tell about their experiences at Wayland’s Smythy.

Don’t forget to post this over at the Tribune, people need to hear it.

Son of Ing
8 years ago

The song in the end!!! Who was that?

Jan Swinnen
8 years ago

And who was the song in the middle?

Claude Lemurrey
8 years ago

great show!! Yes, definitely destroy the Jewish Wicca thing, that guy was just one of Crowley’s stupid minions….so witchy!!! now it’s super cool to be a witch, but you have to read the Kabbalah probably. Fuck all of that. Drop the hammer on it.

Kalos Kagathos
8 years ago

What is the a capella song at the beginning?

Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

i also want to know what the songs name is

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