The Solar Storm: Tanstaafl (5-24-15)


Kyle speaks with the Tanstaafl, the luminary behind the Age of Treason blog and podcast. Topics include: how jews dindu nuffin, #BlackLivesMatter, White genocide vs. White suicide, free speech vs. hate speech, the plan to “shut it down,” hoax culture, kosher crusades, and so much more.

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george wells
9 years ago

Great show.
I twitted this to Colin flattery:
How do #antiwhites deal with documentation showing its open season on Whites? #colinflaherty
He responded: deny, ignore, lie
I believe as we continue to push the #whitegenocide meme we will have more convergence and more will come out more openly. There is probably dissimulation as some are trying to get a message out which reaches and helps us in the long run.
The idea of White suicide is ridiculous as we have been under propaganda and brainwashing for hundreds of years. Remove these and our native cultures and beliefs will regrow very quickly.

9 years ago

Northpal 1 JUNE 2015 AT 11:34 AM Tanstaafl, you complain about the slogan “self genocide” applied to the white race. You stated, it takes “two to tango”, so that cannot be the case, if it was not self inflicted, then it cannot be called “self genocide”. Well, if a species allows it’s environment to become a hazardous killing ground, and it’s offspring to be trained to participate in said activities. No matter the influences, all the while that species possesses the abilities and ability to create the tools to stop such an assault, I would claim Tanstaafl is only arguing semantics. Just another middle class well groomed, passable diction, sprinkled with a well asssortement of adjectives. But in the final analysis another liberal bloviating populism… Read more »

9 years ago

Who knew Northpal was a christarded supporter of capitalism and democracy, lol. (This comment has nothing to do with the argument at hand.)

9 years ago

Northpal made his comments and I answered him here: (the post I made for this program is

I don’t know why he picked an old article to comment on, or why he didn’t post the link here himself, or why he’s stuck on his locallocallocal harangue, calling in all over the internet to tell everyone else to get off the internet – but none of it seems very helpful.

9 years ago

You answered nothing, “stuck on stuck on his locallocallocal”, “none of it seems very helpful” as opposed to what ?
A self proclaimed example of racial suicide, denying it ?

9 years ago

Your comment makes absolutely no sense, other than to make excuses for the useless bloviating buffoon known as Tanstaafl.

9 years ago

It makes plenty of sense and has zero to do with Tanstaafl.

9 years ago

I am very aware your intelligence is not top drawer, but now you have revealed a very low reading comprehension. You are still like a little kid with your tiresome faux paganism as a swat against your “christianity” thing.
If your ” christarded supporter of capitalism and democracy”
is some sort of attack on me and this is some kind of opening salvo?
Let me assure, you BlutundBoden, as a person who hasn’t accomplished a thing in life (not even raising a family) except spending all your time on the internet (don’t you work?)
you are not significant enough to even be a decent troll.

9 years ago

You’re losing it, Northpal, and you just come across as bitter and pathetic. My comment was a joke, but now you’re the joke.

9 years ago

Northpal says:

The Southern aristocracy was worse than the Northern jewish elite.
christ-insanity is not a problem.
Democracy is not a probelm.
Capitalism is not a problem.


9 years ago

I guarantee my IQ is above yours as well as my reading comprehension. You are still like a little retard with your judeo-christianity is not real christianity thing. You don’t know anything about my life and you spend no less time online than I do. You’ve been so active all your life allegedly and yet my own philosophy and take on the situation is far superior to that of your own, but nice ad hominems, though.

9 years ago

You think that I am not intelligent, cannot read well, am like a little kid in my fake paganism which you say is simply an attack against what I falsely believe to be the nature of christ-insanity and if I am attacking you should know that you are aware that I have not raised a family, spend an unhealthy amount of time online, possibly do not currently have a job and am not significant enough to concern yourself with (except to the extent that declaring all of the above was seen as necessary). Anything else, Jaded Joe? What else you got, pal?

9 years ago

Oh yeah, can’t forget to add this gem to the list of “Northpal says”:

Hippies are a hoax!

9 years ago

Now stomp your feet and whine in your little time out corner you call a life.
The Southern aristocracy was worse than the Northern jewish elite.?
As bad if not worse for the southern farmer, see its your reading comprehension.
christ-insanity is not a problem.
Democracy is not a probelm.
Capitalism is not a problem.
No, its not “the” problem, again, your reading comprehension.
Hippies are a hoax!, yes as any significant political, social, ect entity. Again, your low comprehension.
My “judeo-christianity ” ??? Well what the fuck, throw that on my shoulders too.
“comment was a joke” – so said the fucking jew.

9 years ago

Again, you don’t know anything about my life, I take pleasure knowing that you think you can get to me by making such statements. It reflects on you, not me.

Someone who writes so poorly ought not to talk about anyone else’s reading comprehension.

I’m a jew? Haha, again, this comment only reflects on you.

Why don’t you call in once more and tell us all about your brilliant (read: incoherent) plan for an independent media distribution platform. Yet another URL that hosts audio, video and text (Only $9.95 a month, oy vey!)? A service something like Netflix? Good luck getting that off the ground let alone keeping it afloat.

9 years ago

I’m still loving that you called me a jew, lol. You are fucking pathetic.

Sam K
9 years ago

Please stop arguing. I don’t like it.

We are trying to save ourselves and our race from total destruction.

Keep calm and

And Kyle, your Hellstorm documentary is elite warfare against the evil ones.

I can tell from your voice that you are an authentic warrior for our people, and I thank you for that.

9 years ago

The Jews are a race of human, mental parasites. Everything in Kevin MacDonald’s theory of Judaism as an evolutionary strategy and of the Jews as a hostile, parasitic elite falls into place when you consider that mental parasites do exist in nature. Just check this:; and this:

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