The Solar Storm: The Daily Shoah (6-14-15)


Kyle speaks to the goys from and about: the format and purpose of their sites and podcasts, typical negro behavior, typical poolparties, Rachel Dolezal, transracialism, transsexualism, happy merchants, bad feels, edginess, trolling, White Nationalism, and much more.

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8 years ago

Awesome, great job Kyle, I really enjoyed this show. Also, thanks for the Hellstorm disc, it was mailed out promptly and I’m using ti to spread the word. Keep up the good work and I hope to donate soon again.

John S
8 years ago

Talk about muh white bitch Rachel Dolezal!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 years ago

Dadbros of the world, unite!

8 years ago

The 3rd commenter “Retona5” is a troll and a pest .
Has blighted “TRS” and “Morgoth’s Review”.
Get the bug spray.

Having said that, Im SO PLEASED that Renegade and TRS have linked up, it was a great audio…made more satisfying as I downloaded it for free from Six-Pointed-Starbucks Wi-Fi to save me some data.
(No, I didnt buy a shitty coffee I just stood outside!)

Ive been working my way through the “Daily Shoah” archives. Its all good stuff , intelligent and humorous.

Renegade has been consistently good lately as well.

Thanks Kyle, keep it up.

GTRman / tony hayers / nilus

PS Check out “Morgoth’s Review” , a great British site.

8 years ago

I see the first commenter is also called retona.

One of these incarnations is a troll who calls anyone involved in White /jew-wise issues a “skinhead” .


8 years ago

OK: i get the retona thing now….he he….. ‘retona-gate’…

silly old skinhead me. lol

Im retona6 and I want my foreskin back

8 years ago

okay….ninety minutes in and THEN…some real reaction at this insane faggot volrd ve have to live in….happy to see RB and TRS….Keep it classy San Diego….

Nick Dean
8 years ago

Obviously these guys are moving in the right direction, but just as obviously they have a ways to go. In the first two hours all parties agreed at least three times that the only real issue is racial, how to achieve a sufficient level of White unity, survival and self-determination in a hostile environment. Good. But immediately the rhetoric switched back every time to feminism and every other ‘liberal agenda’, left/right, conservative/liberal, Democrat/Republican, far-left/far-right etc. – divides that only divide Whites. “Black identity politics is outlawed (ha!) because it might lead to Whites developing their own identity politics.” It takes a special kind of devotion to ideas over reality thickheadedness not to notice Black identity politics is given every possible scope and advantage in the… Read more »

8 years ago

Just finished the show and wanted to say great job Kyle. It’s great to see the TRS guys appearing on Renegade. Hope to see them on here again soon!

Chris Taylor
8 years ago

To piggy-back Nick Deans comment.

+1 to his comment. TRS has a ways to go, if they can or are willing. At times I wonder if they’re serious or 14/88 trolling.

8 years ago

Nick Dean said:

” If it’s permitted, even the Black identity politics, it’s only because Jews want it. If it’s being stamped on – like White identity politics – it’s not because the left or liberalism or the state or socialism or secularism or atheism or modernity or some other non-biological ‘ism’ has an inexplicable bias against White people.”

You nailed it! In spite of Jewry’s wishes, White identity politics is being practiced by fearless and defiant White folks like yours truly and others.

F*ck international Jewry!

8 years ago

NEWSFLASH – i don’t know if I’m the first person to figure this out because Renegades are usually on top of things, and I did not listen to Kyle’s last show – but Rachel Dolezal,is a KIKE! Her little brother admitted it on a tv interview, according to my uncle. and now that i look at the name, it all makes it sense.

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