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9 years ago

Kyle,you most certainly have more patience than I.The Negro that called in for a dialogue should have been cut off a number of times when he did not have the courtesy to let you speak. You could have wiped the floor with his meanderings and his pseudo- intellectualism.I was hoping that you would mute him and call him out on his double talk.Then enters Jeb,who was even more polite than you. Why moddle coddle these fuckers ? They are the lowest life forms on the planet.He proved that no matter how much education they have,they will never be able to engage in a fair and balanced conversation or debate.And you held back ! Imagine if you would have dropped some bombs on him. It’s like… Read more »

9 years ago

I got really fed up with the black guy and couldn’t listen to the end.

John M
9 years ago

Yes, the passive aggressiveness and inability to participate in a two way or three way conversation by ‘a black guy’ rather spoilt the second hour of the show, but sometimes I suppose letting these people ramble on helps them expose their own shortcomings. I didn’t make it to the end of the show either.

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