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Ingrid B
8 years ago

It is fascinating to see how plants grow toward sun/daylight, and if you turn the pot, they automatically grow the other way. I particularly notice it with plants I grow from red and green pepper seeds.. We have two dogs, and their senses are far superior to ours. The bitch can sense people approaching long before they come into sight. Their love, and loyalty too, is on a par with, if not superior to ours. If any of us are missing, they dont eat until that person returns, and everything is as it should be. Once my daughter accompanied me to the hospital, and had to return alone, as I was admitted. My dog was furious, with her, gave her a right mucking out, ran… Read more »

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Sorry Charles, left the above comment on the wrong thread, didnt realize your Mom had lapsed. I once nursed an elderly man who was in a coma for weeks, then suddenly, one morning, he came to, and was fine. Maybe your Moms body just needed time out..

Anyway, thanks for the diversions from war, and corruption..

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