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7 years ago, Monitoring the PLANNED poisoning of Hunanity, has valuable information about how colonoscopes and endoscopes kill people, are difficult to clean, and spread disease. That particular article begins: “From Admin – when attending a medical seminar for autoclave sterilizing procedures, the instructor was asked if he would undergo a colonoscopy. His response oly when it was new – out of the box. When pressing him further, he said first thing on Monday morning, after the biological debris had a chance to d9ie over the weekend. The delicate camera can only be wiped down – no autoclaving – sterilizing.” Just wanted to point this out, to be helpful, in reply to Charles’s older announcement.

Good Dictator
7 years ago

Hey Charles, great shows! I especially enjoyed these past three ones on parasites and ants! I was wondering if I could have a copy of your unfinished book. I am great at spotting typos and spelling mistakes, so I’d be happy to contribute somehow. I can’t find your email. Thanks and hope to hear a new show soon! In the meantime, I have some catching up to do, as sometimes I fell behind with your shows, but I want to listen to all of them 🙂 A presto!

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