Truth Hertz: Bible Bashing – Septuagint vs Masoretic (8-16-18)

Charlie gets back into an in-depth discussion of the incredible amount of contradictory crap you can find within the Bible, with a large focus on The Septuagint vs the Masoretic Text.

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5 years ago

What’s hilarious is that christ-tards will tell you that the kjv is the only version of the jew book to read, yet in my experience, 99% of the time they can’t understand the thees, thous, and thys, and they don’t even read the kjv for bible verses. They only use it as a weapon when debating (I’m being generous with that term) because they have been programmed to think that the kjv is the sacred text or something. Not that any of them know their book anyways, but I just thought that it was funny.

Reply to  Grady
5 years ago

What’s even funnier is that the writing of the KJV was overseen by Francis Bacon. He encoded all kinds of messages into it, just as he did with the writings of ‘Shakespeare’.

Reply to  Grady
5 years ago

If you really want to mess with them, ask “Which version of the KJV?” There are many, including one containing a misprint of the 10 commandments, “Thou shalt commit adultery” (if memory serves).

Allison MacPherson
5 years ago

Just further hard-core documented evidence that the bible is
basically bullshit. I hope the topic of the Septuagint vs the Masoretic
text is included in the new book. Of course the topic is worthy of
an entire book on its own. Thanks Charlie! Thanks Renegade!

5 years ago

Dear Charles et all Please forgive my criticism as I love your show and am 100% anti-Xtian but you made a few glaring errors in your show though understandable errors: the first was that the masoreric text was an edition made by rabbinic Judaism at the council of Jamnia in 110AD so of course the Christians did not use it. It was not until Martin Luther in the 16th century that the masoreric version came into use a little as a way of rebelling against Roman Catholicism and as an easy blow because books like Tobit and the additional chapters of Daniel were obvious as being Hellenistic additions to the texts. But even then the Septuagint was still preferred and the Protestants did not adopt… Read more »

wolf GT
5 years ago

Never really was infected with the buy-bull crap. But just love listening to Charles shows. A real god-send!!

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