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Leila Abdelmeguid
7 years ago

According to Islam, the Jewish messiah will rule the world. The Jewish messiah will be the antichrist. Jesus will return and kill him, and then rule the world with justice, thus fulfilling the prophecy. Just sayin’.

Reply to  Leila Abdelmeguid
7 years ago

Thats similar to christianity isnt it?
This is basically an Advance-fee scam.

Its like the Nigerian guy that you have to send a fee of 1000$ so he can get access to the 10 Milliion he supposedly has in his bank, so that he can give you your 1 Million. Only that will never happen.

In the same way, christians and muslims have to let jews rule the world first, so then jesus can come back and fix things. Only that will never happen.

Leila Abdelmeguid
Reply to  hartkern
7 years ago

Yes, it is similar to Christianity, only in Islam, this is not viewed positively, only something that is going to happen regardless. Some Christians (I believe Orthodox) also do not see this as being positive.

7 years ago

Saulus becoming Paulus reminds me of the kike becoming the (alt)right.

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