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8 years ago

Unfortunately the King James Bible is the only Bible that I know of that addresses the Jewish problem. I think Islam mentions jewry. I appreciate Charles pointing out the discrepancies in the Bible. Seek the truth even if 99% of the Bible is bullshit. So I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.

8 years ago

Hopeless waste of time.

8 years ago

These programs are a treasure trove. Iah has been slain yet again…

8 years ago

Keep slap’n those mindless dupes upside the head Charles.

I was bought up via catholicism… Nuns, Priests, and private catholic school, the whole mess and I can only thank f*ck that I started noticing the crap as you did, so as to come out the other side with a level head.

Slap those silly gits into realisation Sir!

Great job!

8 years ago

HAHAHAHA! Hey aj, that’s exactly what I thought of your comment as I read it! As in you’ve got nothing to say but you go ahead and say… nothing anyway! You should definitely win a dunce cap & a sit in the corner for that one smart guy!

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