Truth Hertz: Boston Strangler & Challenger Hoax (2-3-17)

Charles starts off talking about Colbert’s PizzaGate cover-up and then concludes his Boston Strangler discussion. In the second hour he discusses how most of the Challenger crew actually did not die.

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just a thought
7 years ago

TV, cabal TV, is totally subversive. Just stop watching TV, it’s toxic. Notice how TV just kept on pissing you off, until you were completely and utterly repelled? The Jew religions, one, two, and three, are just hell-bent on fulfilling its delusional prophecies. The Luciferian Freemasons, and network of Satanist ideologies, are ironically simple-minded. If they wanted to rebel against the god of the Torah or Old Testament, they would embrace all that is good, wise, strong, fair, and of acute perception. The irony in the absurdities of Yahweh Abraham religions would be funny if not so painful. Even still, CG makes us laugh anyway. So there is gratitude in finding a community wherein others understand. But we live amongst a majority that ignores the… Read more »

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