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7 years ago

i can’t download this show

Axe of Perun
Reply to  Paula
7 years ago
7 years ago

Great show. It’s really all that’s needed to counter bible dupes. It broke my heart though to realize what I’ve done to my four Now grown children. I got free from it only after I raised them all to believe it. It’s all they’ve ever known.
The series of events it took to finally pry my away from it were so painful I almost didn’t survive it.
I know they’re all in for a very rough landing some day and much of that is my own fault.
This religion is hideous in its insidiousness.

Reply to  Jmcaul
7 years ago

Jmcaul: You did what you believed was right at the time. Don’t beat yourself up over this issue. I did the exact opposite. I was not going to put my children thru something which I didn’t believe in, having endured the Catholic religion from birth to 18 years old. My husband got me to realize that the rituals are a waste of time. Sometimes I felt I did wrong by not giving them religion of any kind but they have made their own decisions regarding god and religion as adults and found the fallacy for themselves.

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