Truth Hertz: Chemtrail Craziness & Scientific Lies (1-25-17)

Charlie covers how chemtrails are slated to be used for projecting holograms and the weaponization of science. Topics include Cern, The theory of relativity, and known lies that are taught as truths in our universities to this day.

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6 years ago

I spoke with a guy in the tech support department of a company that makes RF radiation protective paint. He told me their paints are good up to 20 Gigahertz. The 5G will be 24 – 100 Ghz, so there is no guarantee their paint will help. The equipment to test above 20 Ghz is prohibitively expensive. A tree can actually block a 100 Ghz wave, however the 100 Ghz wave you will soon be encountering will be amped up in a phased array that will make it an entirely new beast. If there is a way to shut this shit down, we had better find it ASAP. I haven’t the slightest doubt that if the 5G gets up and running, it will do serious… Read more »

Allison MacPherson
Reply to  Renny
6 years ago

Renny, I enjoy your comments. The people stood back and allowed smart meters slapped on homes, so this is the reward. Check out this vid from a man living in Palo Alto, Ca, where 5-G is being rolled out.
And because we all need a humor break from the increasing madness, check this out, in honor of Charlie. 2 minutes:

Reply to  Allison MacPherson
6 years ago

Damn if that bird doesn’t sound EXACTLY like Charlie on a rant!

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