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Johnny Walker Read
4 years ago

Another great show Charles…

4 years ago

I once was having a discussion with a christian and i asked him about the tree in the garden . I asked him why would god put it there not to be eaten . I said that is like telling a 5 year old not to eat cake but yet a shotgun is right next to it and you leave the room . Well Of course the 5 year old is going to eat the cake . He just replied and said are you tempting me ? Are you playing devils advocate .

In Gratitude
Reply to  Dennis
4 years ago

Yes, anytime one brings up logical thought, their go-to response is to insinuate or actually say that you are the devil come to tempt them….They are in a cult but they are under such a deep level of mind control, they just don’t see it. One of the hardest things to do in life is allow others to be stupid. But hopefully you planted some seeds, that might later sprout.

Ham ben Goy
4 years ago

Where can I find the talmud references for this show?

Reply to  Ham ben Goy
4 years ago

I don’t remember the exact scripture Charles mention, you can find the complete online Babylonian Talmud here:

Not the exact part he mentioned, but now you can look it up if you didn’t already have access to it. Charles said that Jesus also quoted from Zorastrianism and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

4 years ago

Talmud not Biblical nor Judaism.Judaism’s Strange Gods.Utube

4 years ago

Jesus rebuked the Pharasees and their traditions.Is this site anti-Christ?Pegan?If Jesus ain’t the way I’m done with God period.

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