Truth Hertz: Christianizing the Indians & Bringing jews to Jesus (6-30-20)

Charles finishes his talk about the early epidemic in the New World and how the Indians were converted after. Then he gets into how Christians have long been fooled by jews who embrace jesus in public, and other ridiculous solutions to the jewish problem.

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Bobby mcclelland 813
4 years ago

Spot on as always Charlie you articulate everything perfectly. I was a soul winning Bible dupe and wasted about 50 yrs of my life on that garbage . I was attracted to missionaries in my later years. But feeding the poor then planting a mind virus of fear and self hate on people is fucked up And brother I know about the fear.. the Bible is an evil creation and the masses that beleave that God Damm book keep everyone in chains . And all these so called truth movement idiots that are Christian really haven’t even looked in the first place for Mass deception that is the Bible . And untill you have realized the biggest lie ever told you know very little truth.… Read more »

4 years ago

I must say you really did well here, I grew up in a fundamentalist christian family who were very pro zionist jew. I never really liked it, but it was all I knew for many years till I moved out and found the internet while in the Navy, and then I watched a bunch of documentaries on many topics that redpilled me, and eventually I learned about Jews. Ever since then, I have not trusted Christianity since its all about the Jews, they are the stars of the religion and everyone else are either enemies or side characters. I became a Norse Pagan and it has been like a remembering of old ways. Its just sick how germ warfare was used against the Natives in… Read more »

Lars Baum
4 years ago

I really didn’t know until this Charlie’s show that the first White settlers in America were waging biological warfare against the native Indians for the express purpose of genocide. I knew that later on White settlers in the West and Mid-west were giving away to Indian tribes blankets, clothing, and food contaminated with small pox, plague, and other deadly infections. But I didn’t know that this practice was in use from the get go, covered up, naturally, with pious words of the genocidal Jesus-Christ-Yahveh Inc. That was news to me. Thanks Charlie for the informative show.

Bon Marche
Reply to  Lars Baum
4 years ago

In the words of Charlie himself – Cut the crap! You know he wasn’t saying “White settlers (perse) in America were waging biological warfare against the native Indians” so stop with the BS “Lars”. It was the usual suspects AS ALWAYS – jews & their little zionist shabboz goy minions. They don’t go anywhere near representing whites as a whole & it can be clearly seen in hindsight that it was done on purpose for many reasons including so that twisted propaganda about it could be perpetuated in modern times. Also, so that you’re clear – “Indians” aren’t “natives”. they share exact DNA with Mongolians proving that they too were immigrants to the Americas. To arrive at a clear perspective about just how well other… Read more »

In Gratitude
4 years ago

Excellent, and it is good to reinforce the extreme damage the bye- bull has created on planet Earth. Once a person falls for that mind trap, they lose the ability to reason. The Ten Commandments (lifted from the Egyptian Book of the Dead) were never meant for how the tribe would interact with the Goyim, they were meant for how the tribe would treat each other.

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

[Off-Topic] She’s been finally arrested. I wonder what will happen next: Will she “kill herself” as well?

‘Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire’ (Thu, 07/02/2020) zerohedge

Some Adam Klasfeld (tribe member) gives the whole report:

Meanwhile in the (((Twilight Zone))):

‘Statue of Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously appears in Albuquerque’ (July 02, 2020) by KOB4

3 years ago

I’d be interested in seeing some scientific tests done regarding the transmission of infectious disease through blankets. I’m skeptical. The whole “small pox blankets” narrative has always struck me as as a bit far fetched and dubious as it’s typically parroted as accepted fact without any real scrutinization. Seems a difficult thing to prove, especially given the time period.

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