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Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

I hate to be the devil here (no pun intended) but taking into account that Page was/is a Crowley-adept himself this should not come as a surprise to anybody:

Backmasking of Stairway To Heaven HQ | JewTube

BTW as a constructive critique (no need to kill me over it) I wish there were fewer musical breaks in Charlie’s programs. It gets a bit disruptive sometimes.

Great show as always Charlie. Keep exposing these murderous (((clowns)))

Last edited 3 years ago by Robert Heimdal
Reply to  Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

Jimmy Page revealed that the Beatles were the first ones to do the back masking on number nine turn me on dead man

3 years ago

Such a cool show charlie!

3 years ago

All soooooo True Charles!

3 years ago

This is just getting out of control. I feel like Charles really needs to lock down the calls until the last 30 minutes of the show, lay down some more concrete ground rules if you will. Kyle does a really good job on this front and has very little tolerance for disruptions. For one thing, don’t EVER call the host and disrupt his train of thought to figure out the topic. Listen to the show, that’s how you figure it out. It is beyond rude and makes you look like a clown. Keep the calls on topic and short. This is a show and not a two way conversation or a medium for your Led Zeppelin cover act. Charlie has an email, send your covers… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Astronautalis
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