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6 years ago

I bet that so called Einstein quote is out there for every discipline.
I heard when Jimi Hendrix was asked what’s it like to be the greatest guitarist in the world, Jimi replied. I don’t know ask Rory Gallagher.

Foster XL
Reply to  Nuada
6 years ago

I saw Rory Gallagher live when I was young – Jimi wasn’t being sarcastic!

6 years ago

Incontrovertible proof that the Florida bridge collapse was a 100% jew hoax. Look at the disappearing vehicle. Definite green screen.

Reply to  Renny
6 years ago

The people walking backwards was a bit suspicious plus the disappearing car. The guy being interviewed seemed fake with no emotions describing someone dying in front of him. The cranes don’t take hours to setup though. I would expect the crane to hang around to help clean up the mess or rescue people stuck under the rubble.

6 years ago

I heard Kyle say that Tesla didn’t even rate a mention at the Smithsonian. That’s criminal considering the work he did. At least the electrical engineers honor his name with the Tesla award.

Another guy who isn’t really mentioned a lot was the creator of Coral Castle in Florida. He seemed to be another one in the Tesla mould. He put his theories into action. He used to sell a book on electricity vs magnetism at the Castle. I had a scanned copy that wasn’t very clear but it did seem to align with Teslas work.

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