Truth Hertz: Corrupt Politics & Hinckley’s Assassination Attempt on Reagan (1-4-17)

Charles finishes up his notes on the psychopathic child abuse cults operating at the highest levels and then starts discussing the strange assassination attempt by John Hinckley on Ronald Reagan.

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7 years ago

Good show Charles. I really appreciate this morning show.

free your mind
7 years ago

Accepting obvious religious inanites, whether as a vulnerable child, or as an adult experiencing some form of life trauma, sets one up to accept obvious gov and mainstream media inanities. The fact that religious believers can not make this obvious connection proves the point of the assertion.

Reply to  free your mind
7 years ago

RU serious? Only the religious are fooled? IF it was merely the “religious” people who are duped we would be just fine however 97-98% of the public is fooled because both religious and secular people are dumber than rocks, so your narrative kind of needs some tweeking. Its goes much further than religious indoctrination. Most of the new age movement is Jew created and run too. The education aka public fool system aka indoctrination system is worse than the churches now IMO. I was a teacher and most of what is MANDATED you cover w/APPROVED textbooks are propagandized history or like the holohoax, pure fiction. You are observed by the administration not cloistered w/your students. Not sure when you graduated but to stop kids from… Read more »

free your mind
Reply to  coonhound
7 years ago

You offer an excellent response and I agree with much of what you have asserted. However, let us remember the historical context of the power of Yahweh religions over our human thought processes. The Jew religions have dominated Western thought for 2000 years. This mentality has been entrenched in millenia of our hijacked ancestral responses which would be natural law. Even those who do not claim to be religious still live in a culture surrounded by those whom do claim religion or at least pay homage to religion. And yes I agree 100% with you, the “New Age” religion was designed by the social engineers, and just waits for those who leave the Yahweh religions (and rightfully so) back in the 60-s to present. New… Read more »

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