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7 years ago

Adolf Hitler, excerpt from The Victory of Faith, Jan., 1939: “Woe to him who does not believe He sins against the very meaning of life. He is of no value to anyone. His very existence is a burden to his people. During my political struggle, as I unfortunately must constantly repeat, I always encountered these sad pessimists, especially in bourgeois circles, whose miserable minds hold no faith, and therefore are capable of no redeeming action.”

Reply to  listerine
7 years ago

these disgusting so-called leaders are always trying to push some form of the bastardized abrahamic faith to cripple the minds of the masses! yeah let’s lull the sheeple back to sleep with religion. hahahaha. all religion must be destroyed. period. eradicated from the collective minds of humanity before there’s ANY progress to a higher form of existence.

Reply to  scope
7 years ago

It is important to believe in the god/goddess within oneself. Heil Hitler.

Reply to  scope
7 years ago

The point with religion is you don’t need to call yourself something. As Eric Dubay states, and as obvious, we’re clearly intelligently designed by something/someone. There was planning to putting together a human’s body, and the same goes for animals and the rest of everything on this Earth. Same with all inventions today, do we set a spoon down (or anything else) which over 5 million years will create new things around it? It just doesn’t happen that way. There was a some intelligence behind the start of it all, what that was we’ll never be able to confirm in our lifetimes and likely ever (until we die, in which case there’s no way we know of to relay a message back to our reality).… Read more »

7 years ago

Thanks Charlie for saving my brain and cognitive functions. I was allways a disbeliever but after many hours of listening to your show I could shake off this mental disorder called religion. As a muslim you believe in the old testament which is the most evil part of the bible as you pointed out. I feel like you now. I can’t imagine how these people can be so blinded with islam while there’s so much wrong with it.

I kinda like it when this christian guy calls in. I feel you become better because of it.

I owe you bigtime. For saving me.

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