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Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

To understand what Christians in the US have in their minds people have to watch this video. They are having the time of their lives with all this eschatology. Letting themselves be decapitated for the sake of martyrdom?? Pretty scary :-/

Coming to America…and what to do in the face of it (Sept 20, 2020) by Dana Ashlie | JewTube

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3 years ago

another great episode loved all the callers in had a lot of good stuff to say, and i always love the long episodes so i can listen to these while doing online school. lol.

Reply to  mason
3 years ago

nice name…

Reply to  mason
3 years ago

No doubt “Mason” would like there to be 33 callers for every show.

3 years ago

Skipping again, because of all the calls, see the call virus has infected the Tuesday show as well now

Reply to  Werner
3 years ago

Yep, they’ve obviously decided that Charlie is the soft-target way of infiltrating Renegade especially regular callers like that rabid Chicago dude. Does he still blurt out his website numerous times on every call while saying Pastor Eli James is a really good guy?

Reply to  Mary
3 years ago

lol that was the same guy who said they’re destroying “our churches” in israel. haha he sounds like such a crack head.

Harry The Lad
Reply to  Sinead
3 years ago

Agreed! This guy’s all over the place. I just listened to this show & he basically said all he does all day is play with his stock market shares, do a bit of gambling (slots/casino) & go out there with his “8 x 4 signs”. Also said he was going off to vote soon (for who?). Wasn’t he also shilling for that American Free party or whatever it’s called? The guy that Kyle interviewed, or should I day exposed as a complete shill! The guy’s a joke but other callers are completely fooled by him (or probably working with him more like). On another note, I went to look into this Eli James character & one of the first search items that came up was… Read more »

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Reply to  Harry The Lad
3 years ago

Wow! I knew I had a reason to not like this guy and now it makes sense. He was trying to say that we (America) needed to focus on rebuilding Palestine because it’s “our fault”. That’s when I said screw this guy.

In Gratitude
3 years ago

9-23-Business Insider Headlines: Trump said Jews are ‘only in it for themselves’ and ‘stick together.”
10-2-Business Insider Headlines: Donald Trump and Melania have tested positive for COVID-19. Cohensidence?

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