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3 years ago

If Trumps has real evidence that the election was rigged and he decides to use the US Military to stop Biden then let the Civil War start now! It’s time to run the Jews out!!

Q Tard Mossad
Reply to  MeannStavrakas
3 years ago

totally! im worried israel wont get everything they want under biden we need trump back in there. Also biden might sign the iran nuclear agreement good goy schlumpf tore up. TRUMP BACK IN 4 MORE YEARS!

Reply to  Q Tard Mossad
3 years ago


Reply to  MeannStavrakas
3 years ago

I’m sure they have Trump on film having sex with teen age girls . He is a piece of shit too .

3 years ago

Only the most devout lackeys survive Communist purges.

Reply to  Solveig
3 years ago

Are you sure? Doesn’t the Revolution conventionally eat its own? As in Robespierre, the various Stalin henchmen who were gradually airbrushed out of photos with him, et al. …
After the initial convulsion of overthrow of the ancien regime, the subverters always next vie for power among themselves. That is the time of our opportunity.

3 years ago

Really good show. My dad is scared to death of this (((COVID))) hysteria and naively thinks creepy Biden is going to change things around. Meanwhile I try to tell him the facts about all of this but refuses to dismiss it and dismisses any original thought as “conspiracy theories”. It really is unfortunate that most whites in America would rather let controlled, corporate talking head pundits Rachel Maddow, or Anderson Cooper or Sean Hannity do the thinking for them rather than to make conclusions themselves. It is extremely frustrating.

Anton Zyttidell
3 years ago

Heard this morning here in Melbourne Australia, the shilling media whores of Israhell were already talking about people who don’t get the vaccines should be banned from most venues etc… And saying those who get them wear yellow badges to show they are vaccinated. Ov vey us that’s right 😉
Cannot get anymore cringe and out right anti-western than this little gab comment.
It’s all about to come more heated up soon here I feel. With insanity ruling the media and most minds of the wilfull Noahides. Most will deserve what they get sadly. If we want peace, prepare for war. It will always come to this…
Gott mitt uns

Yukon Jack
3 years ago

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Reply to  Yukon Jack
3 years ago

Her web presence is oddly rather empty, not non-existent, but empty, save for Instagram and VSCO. Twitter seems to be deleted, but there somehow, and on Facebook there, but empty.

Johnny Walker Read
3 years ago

NRA claimed bankruptcy in NYC but says it will reform in Texas

3 years ago

Hi Charlie,

I just wanted to say, i love your shows! even i do not know you? i enjoy hearing your voice and your amazing work you do on here.

thank you ,


Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

“We Want Revenge”: Antifa Anarchists Activate After Biden Inaugurated (Thursday, Jan 21, 2021 – 4:21) by ZH
Always look at the jew behind the curtain. They want civil unrest.

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