Truth Hertz: Destroying Dogma (3-15-16)


Dogmatic ideals, whether they be about a creator or evolution, are exactly that… dogmatic. They cannot be proven either way. Whilst it’s OK to have our “pet theories” on philosophy and such, none of them can be proven beyond doubt.

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8 years ago

As usual most of the show was interesting, Charles went astray however when he talked about fossils and evolution. There’s been many instances of mass flooding (the floods of the the British North Sea and the Mediterranean, for example) – but these instances don’t account for the majority of fossils. There are hundreds of different fossil classes and many are found in mountain ranges which are themselves over a 100 million years old. Some rare rocks in South Africa have been aged at over 3 billion years – to write off all geological science is a mistake, especially when these sciences are used daily for the planning of large scale civil engineering and mining operations. Many fossils are found in deep mines deposits especially coal,… Read more »

8 years ago

I think Charles probably means well. But – he is not a good person to listen to concerning anything of a scientific nature. Charles says that nukes don’t’ exist. Yet, he provides no basis for that claim. Apparently, Charles does not know anything about the elements, what an atomic number is, or even what a compound is. I wonder if Charles “believes” that water exists. Does water exist, Charles? If it does, why can you decompose it into Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas using electrolysis? Does electrolysis exist? How about electricity – does that exist? Well if you CAN decompose the compound known as water into its elemental constituents – hydrogen and oxygen – what does that tell you about how matter is constructed? Ever… Read more »

Reply to  Pat
8 years ago

A nuke hoax is entirely possible. You have been lied to ALL your life in every way imaginable.
See: Rerevisionist (channel).
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were wooden cities and were firebombed. No need for an expensive so-called nuclear bomb. The Rosenberg Trial for alleged theft of nuclear secrets also was a hoax (like the Adolf Eichmann trial) to substantiate the phony, scripted narrative of nuclear bombs.
They have much worse weapons that destroy the brain. Voice to Skull. Directed energy weapons. Nanobots that turn minds into mush.

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