Truth Hertz: Drama with The Coreys & Templar Treasure (11-9-17)

Charlie talks more about the killing of Corey Haim and the role Corey Feldman is playing in the unfolding Hollywood child abuse drama. He then gets into the supposedly lost Templar treasure and the interesting findings in Nova Scotia, as well as discussing some other hidden treasures through the ages.

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6 years ago

Way to call it Charlie! That filthy degenerate Sheen is about to be publicly outed, you were the first to name him, as far as I know. Good job!

6 years ago

Feldman has had a fund raiser to help him produce a list of names of his abusers. How much do you want to bet, the police already have all those names, and the money Feldman collects will go into his own pocket?? I remember hearing these discussions between Haim and Feldman and read later a quote from Haim’s mother on how much she couldn’t stand Feldman and partially blamed him for her son’s death.

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