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8 years ago

Love the Triumph at the beginning of your shows…Great choice of intro music!


8 years ago

Had to do a double take when he said he has Jewish roots . many Jewish friends and he’s been to many Bar Mitzvahas

Steven J Lewis
8 years ago

I haven’t listened to this show and probably won’t. I don’t recall when I stopped listening to Charlie but I do recall the reason. I loved his Oracle shows on different historical events but he started getting sidetracked with the subject of Christianity and it would ruin the show and despite him saying he would stop and do stay on topic he couldn’t resist the temptation or control his anger and hatred of Christianity Catholicism. Then there’s his series on Hitler while he was on Rodknee “Wounded Anti-Paleface” Martin’s network. I swear he covered every Jewish created myth about Hitler as FACT. Despite Charlie admitting while on Oracle that he believed those myths but then changed his beliefs after researching the man and interviewing Historical… Read more »

8 years ago

Yeah, larry stunk like a certain group of hook nosed individuals.
Have known many jews in my life, and I recall only one that
was worth a damn. Larry is too cozy with em

8 years ago

“The common Tribemember” is the same as the Zionist, because the common Tribemember, donate money to israel, while that country genocides the natives of Palestine.

I don’t sympathize with jews, “victim” mentality my foot! People are NOT animals, going on instinct, but were created to think, and have the ability to empathize with others, and have compassion.

THere are other Races that have been victims and suffered, but nobody cares. Right?

And I despise that the jews live all their lives in a country, but the first thing they say is: “They’re jews.” “I’m a jew” “I’m jewish.”

NOT “I’m an American” – or “I’m Italian” or ” I’m Latina.”

Jews are NOT a religion, but a Tribe. They have only loyalty to themselves.

8 years ago

Your theory about hitter being controlled by Jews is seriously fucking retarded. You realize that the Jews fund every single politician and use their money to attempt to sway them over to their side. Why wouldn’t hitler accept the huge donations from rich Jews? His party really needed the money they had nothing. You also try to bolster this argument by claiming that the Jews would of killed him well dude that is what the SA was for. Hitler literally had a paramilitary force and intelligence network in. Every fucking German town, city, and neighborhood in Germany and you also forget that there were unsuccessful attempts made on hitler’s life, it’s not like they didn’t try to kill him he was just well protected

8 years ago

Also Jews push atheism upon as well

8 years ago

Well said Sean

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