Truth Hertz: Fake Moon Rocks, Carrie Fisher’s Death & Greedy Getty’s Story (11-15-18)

Charlie finishes talking about bogus moon rocks, talks about Carrie Fisher’s untimely death in 2016, gets into the strange story of billionaire J. Paul Getty that was recently made into a movie, and then concludes by discussing his upcoming show topics.

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5 years ago

Check out Senate Resolution 720. If passed, it would make it illegal to criticize the filthy, satanic, murdering, deceiving, stealing, razor-raping state of Isra-Hell. The fine for criticizing the douchebag state of Isra-Hell would be up to $1,000,000 (surprised it’s not $6,000,000) or up to 20 years in prison. Can you believe this shit. Dozens of senat-whores are sponsoring this bill. Fuck Isra-Hell.

5 years ago

The following is mere speculation and conjecture and is in no way a prediction. That said, I’ve been thinking about this Chiefs-Rams game which has suddenly been moved from Mexico to Los Angeles, allegedly because of poor field condition. This really makes no sense whatsoever. One would think the NFL has been following the condition of this field for months and receiving daily updates on it. No doubt, they have millions of dollars at their disposal to get this field in tip-top shape. It is all rather suspicious. All eyes will be on this game between the two best teams in the league. With California in turmoil and being heavily targeted for an Agenda 21 meltdown, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the perfect place… Read more »

Robert Heimdal
5 years ago

Thanks for this new show Charlie. Here is the Carrie Fisher video – if someone is interested in watching it. I do agree this could have cost Fisher her life. Those laughs look almost real though. I wonder what those two were actually thinking.

5 years ago

I liked Carrie Fisher very much. Strong and unique, and a wizard with words, amazingly funny, and pretty damn honest. This is one of my favorite quotes of hers: “I am the only one who can come to my rescue.” Yeah, we can do what we can to have each other’s backs, but ultimately, it’s up to each to make life work for him or her self. (Proud member of “Preserve The Pronoun” here. – grin) Aside and unrelated: I give myself permission to stay out of conflicts when I don’t have enough information on what is conflicted. Otherwise I dive in. Sometimes I do wonder if the cream does in fact rise to the top. Either way, way too much pain on earth, from… Read more »

5 years ago

Note the 33 coding in this wildfire story. The story is from Chico, California….CC for 33. The sherriff’s name is Kory Honea. The “OR” in Kory is 33 in gematria. The guy interviewed in the story is named Matt Masterson. “MM” is 33. 30,000 alert calls and texts were sent out we are told and then two sentences later Masterson’s 3-year-old daughter is mentioned. This also is 33 coding. Of course, there’s the “son” hoax coding with “MasterSON” and also some 7 coding with the number of residents in the town which is 52,000. Also note the very subtle “devil horns” Matt Masterson is flashing. While the fires are real — no doubt started with DEW and other devices — the interviewees are hoaxy in… Read more »

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