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7 years ago

Regarding Shaun’s call in comment about a spaceship being the explanation of the mountain burning and super advanced technology, I firmly believe that is what we are reading about in a lot of the scrolls and bible information. Nikola Tesla speculated in his book, The Wonder World to Be Created by Electricity that the Ark may have operated as an electrical capacitor. “The records, though scanty, are of a nature to fill us with conviction that a few initiated, at least, had a deeper knowledge of amber phenomena. To mention one, Moses was undoubtedly a practical and skillful electrician far in advance of his time. The Bible describes precisely, and minutely, arrangements constituting a machine in which electricity was generated by friction of air against… Read more »

Per se
7 years ago
7 years ago

I always enjoy your show CG. So many places I’d like to jump in and comment but I don’t want to interrupt the show.

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