Truth Hertz: The Fall of Indus Valley Aryans & The Catholic Conquest (5-2-18)

Charlie talks about how the Indus Valley Civilization fell in the same way as many other Bronze Age cultures and how it relates to the anti-White agenda today. He then gets into the topic of how Atenism essentially became the Catholic Church, continuing the hidden hebraic conquest of the world.

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6 years ago

We can’t fully verify any of these ancient hiss-store-ies (stored hisses for the agitated cat in you) per se, there are no primary sources for any of them and anyone might have written any of them for their own ends. Don’t think so? Try to find the primary sources for even a historical character such as Tesla from only a century or so ago, never mind going back 1000s of years. However, we can evaluate and learn from the moral (more-all, those actions which give more-from-all & more-for-all simultaneously and result in a win-win, non-parasitical dialectic among human beings) teachings of all these stories, all these “game-play’ platforms of old and their many variations still being played in the new stories and myths of today.… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War
6 years ago

Say Charlie. You’re a class act. You pick great matters to research. Very interesting. Very.

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