Truth Hertz: Finishing Off Sodom & Gomorrah, Gleaning the Gold of Ophir (4-8-19)

Charles continues with his discussion of how certain places, people, and events discussed in the Bible actually do appear to have a historical basis, although there is a lot of BS that obscures it.

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5 years ago

I’m having trouble reconciling a couple of things here. First, I have a big problem seeing jews as fearsome conquering warriors. Their “allies?” Yes. But I cannot see them as anything other than cowardly weaklings. Second, on the one hand we’re hearing about how advanced the technologies of the ancient world were but at the same time it took them 3 years to navigate to somewhere. What am I missing?

Reply to  Jmcaul
5 years ago

I agree the jew is never in the face of it, they have others do their dirty work because they are congenital scampering cowards that manipulate others to take the fall. This is essentially what money is about: to get others to invest in something they can be bought for which otherwise would not be possible in a system of real exchange of skill. On a quick side note, my estimation is that the term “kike” comes from the Latin “caecus” which means hidden, i.e. the “hidden ones” in the way they hook into a nation and exist in their little ghetto to scheme and drain the nation of its vital resources while staying off the radar and in the “shadows”. I am and have… Read more »

Reply to  Skalgarir
5 years ago

I had thought Kike came from the Yiddish word for circle, something like kiycle. The story I had heard was that this is because when they went to America they had to sign their names, and if illiterate would do a cross. The Yiddish immigrants didn’t want to be seen to be doing crosses as they were not Christians. Your one seems a lot more likely in hindsight. Otherwise there would hardly be so against it’s use as the conventional explanation’s actually an expression of pride (I know that doesn’t stop them from saying everyone’s picking on them regardless). I don’t really care whether there were ancient civilisations with this or that on a personally invested level in any way, but I do know for… Read more »

5 years ago

Great set bud. I hold that money has always been here as it is. This notion that money evolved from gold and people used it to make things easy, is bullshit. Money is a technology, it doesnt require any “back up” or material principle. We have been drawn right into a system set up like this from the very beginning: to take control of your movement and energy. Money doesn’t have to have gold to back it up, it has never been about gold: but about all of us, keeping us in a system of slavery psychologically. No, money was always here.

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