Truth Hertz: Following the Trail of Dan (4-25-18)

Charlie talks about George Carlin and the moon landing hoax, the sick underbelly of the dark web, and then continues with the discussion of the redheaded tribe of Dan, their connection to the New World, Ireland, Greece and many other places.

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6 years ago

Interesting Video on Poverty Point and Michigan Float copper by Jay Wakefield

Darès Dutch
6 years ago

Charlie om fire! Thanks so much!

6 years ago

There’s the link to the George Carlin Mad TV sketch.

6 years ago

Carlin is just another spook. These assholes have been telling us the truth all along. They know the majority of dupes won’t take any of it seriously. Same with John Lennon who many still think was anti system. Actors who do speak the truth at times. They wouldn’t be allowed to speak out unless the tribe was for it. I use to like Carlin but then I realized he’s just another actor.

Reply to  Christine
6 years ago

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You are 100% spot on about Carlin. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if he is a 100% crypto.

Allison MacPherson
6 years ago

Proud to be a redhead.

6 years ago

Great work Charlie , I’m eager to get my hands on your book .

6 years ago

I wonder if this has anything to do with why the name Danny is a popular name in Ireland I believe ?

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