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7 years ago

Charles is an acquired taste, one I’ve acquired.

Remember: “So close was Germany to achieving independence” (from the Jewish power structure).

Consider the ramifications of that. Germany was utterly, completely on its knees and in a matter of years it was nearly victorious. Had the stupid, mindless, mind-controlled automatons refused to fight for the Jew the entire Jewish power structure all over the world would have been smashed to pieces with no hope ever (ever!) of emerging again.

Reply to  CTS
7 years ago

By all means give Charlie a listen for a while. His style certainly entertains for a period & probably snaps some people in their learning phase into a more woken state with his shock tactics. Think of him like primary or junior school (where Alex Jones might be a form of kindergarten) – eventually you outgrow it & have to move up to the more mature stuff in order to progress the ever-learning process. Have fun while it lasts 😉

Reply to  Reliant
7 years ago

Who is more knowledgeable and enlightened?

7 years ago

Corporations themselves aren’t evil. That notion is indeed Ickean. If corporations have a hostile agenda or are infiltrated and abused, they are.
An incorporated government in our interest is beneficial.
That’s like saying, liquids are evil because some liquids are poisonous.
And the retarted attacks on that caller made me reconsider listening to Charlie altogether.

7 years ago

How about those callers! I actually would have liked it if Charles had allowed the Bible Thumper, so angry at him for attacking his God Almighty. to explain why he so loves the Bible, and when it was that he was introduced to the Bible. At the end of the most recent Firestarter radio show, Sinead let us take a listen to a teacher and his students at a Christian class, discussing some of the male characters and events in the Old Testament, as if they were great men, and great truths, and it really hurt my heart to realize that today’s kids are still being forced by their parents and particular communities to accept these MidEastern tales as their religion.

Reply to  listerine
7 years ago

I thought the caller wanted to talk about corporatism.

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