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free your mind
7 years ago

I always knew the gospel stories were untrue, yet I always had this oddly surreal feeling while reading the stories that I can now attribute to the fact that each gospel actually stated different accounts. The stories are not only untrue, but the authors present different accounts of the concocted stories. Charles Guilianii has studioulsy & objectively pointed out how the scriptures as they are written, conflict with each other, and in major ways. I am very much looking forward to reading the book. btw, I actually enjoy the Christmas season. I figure there are ample ancestral customs still lingering in the season as it is celebrated. Why miss out on the beauty of a Christmas tree, the lights, the joy amongst loved ones, and… Read more »

7 years ago

Kile. I am a so called “lone wolf”. If you would like to visit me in Iceland. I will pay for you and your vife and you can stay at my home in the most beautiful area of the world. Just look up Grundarfjordur or churchmountain. I have all the Icelandic sagas, as does many Icelanders. And I can proof to you that christianity was a blessing for us.

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