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8 years ago

Interesting to hear Graham Hart’s story, “waking up to the jew problem” at around age 62; and his ultimate firing from the peoplesinternetradio (PIR) enterprise. I got turned on to GH from Mami’s Shit posting a few of his shows. Very recently I was looking for good MP3s and I thought I’d look at GH’s archive and past guests. His name came up connected with the PIR site, but searching the site; no word of GH. So good to hear him tell CG the play by play, with it’s “offending those people” element, lol. So PIR doesn’t even keep archives of their past hosts’ past shows? Or is that only in GH’s case? Well chin up Graham; good on you! For those unaware, the CG… Read more »

Graham Hart
Reply to  antilibcon
8 years ago

All hosts on PIR upload their own shows. Mami’s picked up on mine so I didn’t bother. When I was broadcasting there, you could click on my name which would take you straight to my shows. However, when the “Podcast For ALL Hosts” page was uploaded and my name didn’t feature, I knew the writing was on the wall. Thank you to all for the kind comments.

Ron Vivventrop
8 years ago

Would like to hear Graham Hart do a wildcard show on Renegade and if successful, to be considered for a regular show.
So PIR have caved in to ‘complaints’ (by whom?) – and the Irish are supposed to be ‘rebels’ – good grief.

8 years ago

Graham should read The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and the website of Rae West (Rerevisionist channel) on youtube for more background.
Carrington and West live in England; Graham ought to interview them.

8 years ago

Great show. We need this man Graham Hart on the airwaves. Let’s hope his break from broadcasting, after incurring the wrath of the ‘ministry of truth’ as soon as he mentioned the Jews, is brief. I for one would definitely be a listener if he was to do a show/wildcard here on Renegade Broadcasting.

Graham Hart
8 years ago

Hi Guys – I’ve only now seen this. Thank you for your kind comments. Hoping to get back on air very soon.

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